GPS Speed Sensor

When fitting an EJ engine to a Subaru Brumby or L-series the ECU may require a speed sensor signal to function properly. When doing a conversion using the factory gear box you will find there is no electronic speed output to get this reading. This module converts a GPS signal to an electronic speed signal that the ECU understands. It comes pre-tuned to suit the EJ ECU and is ready to wire in. Some results may differ depending on your ECU.


All EJ series engines/ECU. Commonly used in conversions where the gearbox used has no electronic speed output.

Here are common problems people experience when not running a speed sensor:

  • Irregular idle
  • Intermittent engine warning light
  • Incorrect cooling fan operation
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Rough engine operation on deceleration




  • No programming required
  • Simple 3-wire installation
  • Installation diagram supplied
  • Improves Fuel economy
  • Improves efficiency and reliability




  • Fitting instructions, GPS module and dash antenna