L Series Lift Kit

Allows you to lift your Subaru L-Series 2 inches without effecting the geometry of your steering or suspension. This improves the ground clearance of the body of the car as well as the departure and approach angles. It also allows you to fit larger tyres.


  • Subaru L-Series (1985-1994) EA82 engine
  • Subaru Vortex/RX (1985-1994) EA82 engine
  • Subaru GL (1985-1994) EA82 engine
  • Subaru Omega (1985-1994) EA82 engine
  • Subaru Leone Sedan/Coupe (1985-1994) EA82/T engine



This will not suit Auto Transmission models. Extra blocks are required that are not included in this kit. If you’re chasing a Brumby lift kit instead, you can find them here.


  • Full DIY fitting instructions for the at-home mechanic. (No hoist required)
  • Blocks made of billet aluminum (blocks will never rust or corrode)
  • All bolts that thread into the body are zinc coated. (longer lasting and rust protected)
  • All components are high tensile
  • Steering extension included
  • Front suspension strut top spacers offset more than spec (this improves camber and decreases unwanted tyre wear)
  • Front suspension strut top spacers include an inspection port to view strut rubber condition
  • Rear suspension spacers designed to suit factory shocks (no need to buy replacement rear shocks)
  • The rear Z bracket is specially designed to support the rear K frame and protect body mounts in rough terrain.¬†
  • Fuel hose and fuel pump mounting brackets keep the fuel system high and protected



  • DIY Fitting instructions
  • All hardware required
  • Complete 2-inch block set for front and rear
  • Suspension lift brackets/spacers for front and rear
  • Steering extension¬†
  • Rear K frame Z support brackets¬†
  • Fuel hose mounting bracket¬†
  • Fuel pump mounting bracket¬†
  • Window Sticker

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