Radius Rod Spacer Kit

The spacer kit is designed to affectively increase the length of your radius rod pushing your wheels forward approximately 15mm. This assists in the fitting of larger wheels with less scrubbing and/or body work required. Commonly when larger wheels are installed on a Subaru Brumby or L-series the firewall side of the front wheel arch has required some modifications. By moving the wheel forward it decreases the need for this.


  • Subaru Brumby (1980 – 1993)
  • Subaru MY Wagon (1980 – 1984)
  • Subaru L-series (1985 – 1993)

Recommended Paired Products


  • Improve your wheel caster angles
  • Improve your wheel camber marginally
  • Improve your vehicle’s handling. (After a wheel alignment)
  • Helps prevent excessive tyre wear
  • Allow you to fit larger tyres with fewer body modifications
  • Works great in conjunction with a Subarino 2 inch body lift kit




  • 2x radius rod spacers
  • 2x anti-crush spacers
  • 2x replacement zinc-coated Nyloc nuts to suit
  • Basic fitting instructions
  • Optional: Polyurethane aftermarket radius rod bush kit. Nolathane or SuperPro brands (1x vehicle set)




You may need to flare the lower lip (below your front bumper) of your front guards for your wheels to toe under when turning. This is a simple non-invasive mod that can be done by hand and is completely reversible.  The need to do this completely depends on your tyre/rim combo.


These have been designed and tested using aftermarket polyurethane radius rod bushes. Not surprisingly, we recommend the use of these with the spacers. Due to this, we are offering the spacer kits with or without a set of the recommended polyurethane bushes.


IMPORTANT: Without a wheel alignment you WILL experience adverse effects when fitted. Handling will be affected and your tyre wear compromised. It’s important to get a wheel alignment as soon as possible after installation.


Disclaimer: Recommended for off-road use only. They should be installed by a qualified mechanic. Despite evidence and personal experience proving the above statements are true individual results may vary.