What is the difference between a Subaru Brat and a Subaru Brumby?  

They are basically one and the same. There are small variations but they were called a Brat in Canada and the United States. In Australia, they are referred to as a Brumby.



I’m thinking about buying a Subaru Brumby, what common issues should I look out for? 

CV (constant velocity) joints are the most common fault. Listen for clicking noises as you turn corners. Also, check the condition of the CV boots. Failing CV joints is not a reason not to purchase a particular vehicle but more of a heads up that it will need some money spent on it ASAP. These days buying a complete CV axle is relatively inexpensive and easily found at most car part suppliers.

If the gear stick feels sloppy, this is extremely common. However, if not corrected it will eventually affect your ability to select reverse gear. There is a relatively easy mod that can be done to the selector arm where it attaches to the gearbox. This can be found online or ask us and we will try and assist.

Indicators do not self-cancel (yes they are supposed to). We surprise customers all the time when we tell them we can repair it. We sell a 3D-printed replacement part that can repair the problem.

Being an old vehicle it’s important to check over the vehicle carefully. Oil leaks on the engine and gearbox should be expected. And don’t forget, we are here to help. Contact us if you have any questions that we may be able to help with.



I’m doing an EJ conversion… I have many questions

Read our section on EJ conversions. It should answer all your questions.



Where should I take my brumby if it needs repair?

Mechanics that know their way around a brumby are few and far between. Clearly, if you are in Western Australia we recommend ourselves, but in other parts of the world, you may be on your own. Forums and Facebook are great for research if you want to DIY or find recommendations for mechanics in your area. Basically, if the mechanic can’t tell you where the spare wheel goes you should think about finding someone that does.



What products can you supply?

Please refer to our products page to see our tried and tested products. For more up-to-date releases, check out our Facebook page.



Any hints and tips on finding new part listings? 

Many parts listings have incorrectly documented parts for the Subaru Brumby. The confusion is due to the change in the Subaru wagon range in 1985. Prior to this, a majority of the wagon and Brumby parts were one and the same. After 1984, it’s important to verify the engine listed when searching for parts. Brumbys have an ea81 engine whereas the post-1984 wagons have an ea82 engine, these mostly use completely different parts. Confused yet? Most parts interpreters are too. When in doubt, no matter the year of your brumby, if you say you have a 1984 model it should save most of the hassles. When in doubt contact the guys who are Pro Spares. They have been working with old-school Subarus for many many years.



How do we keep up to date on new research and development?

The best way to keep an eye out for new products, or things in development, is to watch our Facebook page. We upload most of our exciting news there before anywhere else.



I’m doing an EJ conversion in my brumby… do you supply the wiring harness?

We do not supply the harness, however, we do offer a service modifying your donor cars harness to suit. See our products section.



I want a lift kit for my Subaru L-Series, do you make them? 

These are currently in development.



I’m wanting a Subaru Brumby lift kit… what’s the wait time? 

These are made in batches. Wait time can vary between 1-4 weeks depending on the status of our current batch. Contact us to see if we have any in stock or if you are looking to order a kit.

Found a Subaru Brumby that you want to buy?

Why not contact Subarino for a presale inspection to make sure you aren’t buying someone else’s problem?

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