We have been doing this for a long time. For over 20 years we have been repairing old-school Subarus. This experience has given us the unique knowledge to diagnose and repair most mechanical faults quickly and efficiently.


✅  Driveline diagnostic and repair

✅  Carby repairs and rebuilds

✅  Ignition Systems

✅  Fuel systems

✅  Suspension, Steering, and Brakes



Preventative maintenance is an old-school Subarus best friend. Old cars need special attention and finding faults before they become a fault is one of our specialties.


✅  Scheduled routine servicing

✅  Diagnosing and inspection

✅  Complete bumper-to-bumper vehicle checks available

✅  Ignition timing and tune ups

✅  Professional advice and recommendations



With our strong auto electrical background, we can fix any electrical fault with your old-school Subaru. We can also install any accessory you can think of. Did you know? Our electrical expertise isn’t limited to just older Subarus. We have several diagnostic scan tools that we use to assist us with conversions, diagnostics, wiring, and programming.


✅  Repairs

✅  Lighting upgrades

✅  Accessory fitting

✅  Ignition timing and Dwell

✅  Fuel injection

✅  Scan Tool diagnostics

✅  EJ conversion loom cut down



The sky’s the limit. One of the things we love about old-school Subarus is their versatility and ability to be customized. Whether you want an off-road beast, street sleeper, or keep it completely stock. We can help you achieve your vision.


✅  Complete drive line conversions

✅  Partial drive line conversions

✅  Off-road suspension modifications

✅  Street suspension modifications

✅  Lift kits

✅  And much much more



Parts, Parts, Parts. We can not keep our old classics on the road without parts. Parts are getting harder to get every year. We pride ourselves on not only supplying parts to our customers but supplying the correct parts.


✅  Subarino’s unique custom parts

✅  Aftermarket replacement parts

✅  Genuine parts

✅  Second hand parts

✅  Rare Parts

Subarino goes above and beyond

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