No seat we have found has been such a perfect fit into a brumby than a set of BRZ or GT86 seats. Both in size and installation they are close to direct bolt-in. No welding or custom brackets are required.

For the price tag around the same as getting your factory seats upholstered ($500-$1000 a set) everyone who has done it will agree it is money well spent.



Vehicles this guide will suit

  • Subaru Brumby gen2 (1980-1993) EA81 engine
  • Subaru Brat gen2 (1980-1993) EA81 engine
  • Subaru Touring Wagon (1980-1984) EA81 engine
  • Subaru MY Leone Sedan/Coupe (1980-1984) EA81 engine



Where do I find them?

Parts recyclers seem to have a steady stock of these with the only problem being finding some that the airbag have not been deployed.



What you need to know when picking some seats

Toyota GT86 – commonly found in black with red stitch or black with red head inserts either will work depending on your taste. All of these we have seen have been heated and have the ability to be wired to via a switch to warm you on a cold day.


Subaru BRZ – we are told these all have BRZ stitched into them. And also may not have a heated option. If these are a deal breaker for you then you need to find GT86 seats.

A pair of Subaru BRZ seats

A pair of BRZ seats fitted into a Subaru Brumby


Fitting Instructions

* NOTE: Allow approx 45mins per seat *

  • Remove new car rails… put nuts aside and discard rails.
  • Discard the airbag plug (bright yellow) and unused wiring connections.
  • Remove seat belts from hinges
  • Remove plates under the seats
  • Remove the outer plastic panel
  • Remove rails from brumby seats – carefully label which rail goes which side… put bolts aside.
  • Lay brumby rails on new seats. You will see one hole lines up and the other may need 3-4mm elongating with a drill or file.
  • Use bolts from new seats and nuts for old seats to nut and bolt rails onto the seat.
  • Fit seats to the car. Adjust to lowest position and trim new seat side covers to clear brumby floor mouldings.


Need help with fitting your BRZ seats?

No worries! Subarino can assist you with getting your BRZ seats fitted into your old school Subaru

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