Hatchie has undergone a series of modifications and upgrades that have transformed it into a truly unique offroader. First and foremost, a 3-inch lift kit has been installed, allowing Hatchie to conquer even the most challenging terrains with ease.


Make/Model: Subaru MY 2 Door Hatchback Import

Year: 1983

Original Engine/Transmission: Carburettor 1.6L (EA71) w/ 5 speed manual (2WD)

3 Inch Lift

EJ25 Conversion

L Series Gearbox

14 inch M/T

What is Hatchie?


Hatchie is a Japanese import which is why in Australia, they are extremely rare. It’s known in other countries as the Swingback or SRX Hatch. We like to refer to it as a Leone Hatchback. Ours fondly named “Hatchie”. Hatchie boasts a build date of 1983 which also makes it one of the oldest Subarus in Western Australia. 



Are there many?


If you think you have never seen one before in Australia then you wouldn’t be wrong. Hatchie is one of 3 (that we know of) in all of Australia. Even then it’s the only one that is complete and road registered. The other 2 are in different stages of disrepair.  In other parts of the world, there are still many kicking around junk yards and in use. 



How long have we had it?


Hatchie has been part of the Subarino family since 2003. Getting its first rebuild shortly after purchasing it from a wrecking yard. We spent the following 10 years taking it off-road and on adventures whilst honing our skills with experimental mods and repairs.



Then and now


Beginning life with an EA71 and 2WD, we didn’t waste time experimenting with our first EJ conversion and homemade adaptor plate.  An EJ22 was fitted with a 5 speed dual range 4WD box. An SC14 supercharger was installed to push the limits of the EJ performance. The conversion was a success and it stayed that way for many years. 


In 2020, Hatchie received a massive overhaul and was somewhat re-purposed. The engine was changed to a more modern EJ25 and the supercharger was deleted for reliability and fuel economy. 


The introduction of some new mods has made it the ultimate touring/4WD vehicle exercising the rear diff locker off-road and long-range fuel tank taking us to remote parts of Australia. 



Future plans


Hatchie has become somewhat of a mascot to the Subarino team and will remain as such. It still remains to be our off-road testing vehicle illustrating to customers what can be achieved with an old-school Subaru in the off-road scene. Anything you see on Hatchie can be installed on your Brumby. 

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