The Mighty Car Mods Brumby

In mid 2023 our team at Subarino participated in a build spear headed by the legendary Mighty Car Mods


With over 3.7 million subscribers, Mighty Car Mods is one of Australia’s leading automotive YouTube channels focusing on DIY modifications, builds and car culture.

2 Inch Lift

EJ202 Conversion

EJ AWD Gearbox

15 inch A/T

What did we do on the build?


Under the direction of Subaru Australia, an epic Subaru Brumby was built. Some say this is how the Brumby would be made if remanufactured today.


Dragged from a barn and into the 21st century, an EJ202 (2L boxer) engine was fitted giving it plenty of power. Traction was also made possible via the matching Subaru Forester AWD gearbox.


With power comes the need for upgraded braking. The Subarino 5 stud/EJ brake conversion kit was used to adapt the donor Forester brakes onto the Brumby.


The combination of the now more modern wheel stud pattern and our Subarino 2-inch lift kit gave us the necessary clearance to add larger wheels. This transformed it into not only a daily driver but a weekend off-road warrior.


Jam-packed with Subarino goodies it’s no surprise the conversion was a huge success and very popular amongst Subaru enthusiasts worldwide.



Want to watch the full build series?


We’ve put all of the episodes on this page here below so you can watch them! Alternatively, you can watch them on Mighty Car Mods’ channel.






















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